Best Zero Drop Golf Shoes


No heel elevation (like most golf shoes), just pure foot contact from your heels to your toes – like playing barefoot. The TRUE Zero Drop Golf Shoes mean your feet can adapt to golf’s ever-changing terrain naturally, so you can Enjoy The Walk.

It allows the intrinsic muscles of the foot to act as a shock absorber so it can distribute the forces that are being transferred to the knee, hip, pelvis, and back when you land.

A zero-drop shoe is simply one that doesn’t have a variance in height between your heels to your toe. Again, there may still be cushioning around your foot to give you support, but your heel-to-toe ratio is protected.

Benefits of zero-drop golf shoes.

Before going into the actual model recommendations, it is important to highlight why you should be considering these Zero Drop Golf Shoes in the first place. Since zero drops are newer to the field of golf relative to running, here are some benefits and disadvantages that you might be unaware of:


  • Reduce calf stress: One of the biggest advantages of a low heel-to-toe drop is to reduce the muscle strain that will happen for a high mm drop shoe (above 10 mm is considered high). This is how most of our shoes have been designed in the past but zero drop has changed all that
  • More stability: As your feet are now closer to the ground, your body will feel more stabilized and might improve your ground swing.

Best zero-drop golf shoe review.

Now we are getting into the meat of this article as we highlight some models we feel are value for money. All the Zero Drop Golf Shoes are selected based on having zero heel drop as well as achieving high reviews in other areas such as comfort, weight, grip, etc. However, no shoe is perfect so we will also be listing down the cons that each model has.

The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Performance & Looks

Zero Drop Golf Shoes have come a long way in the last 5 years.  The options are never-ending and each shoe manufacturer is trying to push the envelope in terms of design and function.  Some go with a minimalist design, some go with a sporty design, some go with extreme cushion, and others focus on style.  There are so many good shoes out there it can be hard to pick a favorite.  I think the ECCO BIOM Zero is the perfect blend of all the new shoe technologies in an amazing-looking package.  At this point, they are my favorite shoes.

ECCO has been known for its comfort.  Since the explosion of their spikeless street shoes worn by Freddie Couple golfers have been flocking to their comfortable shoes.  I always seemed to need a few rounds to really enjoy the comfort of an ECCO shoe.  For whatever reason they weren’t a pure right out-of-the-box comfort for me.   But that wasn’t the case with the BIOM Zero shoes.  I was so excited when they arrived, I put them on and went straight to the course to walk 18 holes.  At the end of the round, my feet felt great and I didn’t have a single rub mark anywhere on my foot.

Top 5 best zero-drop golf shoes

Vivo barefoot Men’s Hybrid Golf Shoe.

Vivo Barefoot Men’s Hybrid Golf Shoe is an innovative, high-performance golf shoe that combines the comfort of a barefoot feel with the support of a traditional golf shoe.

This is a premium Zero Drop Golf Shoes with a rubber outsole. It has a classic look and feel, but it’s also built for performance. The upper is made from 100% leather that will last you for years to come. The soft sole of the shoe is flexible and gives you great traction on the course. There are hex mesh ventilation holes inside the shoes, which keep your feet cool and dry all day long.

New Balance Men’s Striker Golf Shoe.

When your feet need to be on the ground, you need something sturdy like New Balance Men’s Striker Golf Shoes. Affordable and lightweight, these shoes give unmatched traction with their durable TPU outsole so you can feel confident in every step. A water-resistant upper will keep all that water from getting through to ruin your day while a roomy toe box will let you wear any type of socks without feeling cramped or tight.

revlite midsole in these golf shoes provides outstanding responsiveness and cushioning so you can get ready for a shot quickly without worrying about injuries from overplaying yourself.

Vivobarefoot Men’s Linx Golf Shoe

While there are many different brands and models of golf shoes on the market, the Vivobarefoot Men’s Linx is the only true minimalist golf shoe.

The Vivobarefoot Men’s Linx Zero Drop Golf Shoes is a lightweight, flexible golf shoe that provides an excellent fit and outstanding comfort. The upper of this men’s golf shoe is made from 100% synthetic material with breathable mesh panels for superior ventilation and support.

New Balance Men’s Minimus Golf Shoe

The New Balance Men’s Minimus Zero Drop Golf Shoes are my choice for the best overall barefoot golf shoes. It is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and durability. It features an ortholite insole for excellent ground contact, support, and comfort all game long. This shoe will help you focus more on your game, not sore feet or blisters.

This shoe allows for excellent ground contact, flexibility, great wear, and comfort with New Balance’s adjustable heel construction to help keep the wearer stable.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is a waterproof golf shoe for the walker who wants to play in all weather conditions. The upper part of this shoe is made from water-repellent leather and synthetic material, which help to keep your feet dry even when it’s raining.

The outsole has been designed with an innovative traction pattern that provides excellent grip on wet surfaces. The anatomical last shape hugs your foot for an exceptionally stable fit, and the removable insole allows you to customize the level of cushioning for your personal comfort.


If you’re looking to try something a little different, give these barefoot Zero Drop Golf Shoes a try. You may end up surprising yourself and find that they are the best thing for your game. Barefooting is all about freedom of movement – it’s not just about footwear! Who knows? It could be exactly what you’ve been missing from your game since day one.