The True Knit Golf Shoes Best

What is True Knit?


TRUE refers to the sole as a “cross-life tread” which means it’s built to do anything. And that’s good because you’re going to want to wear them everywhere. On the course, I find that this sole provides adequate traction in dry or damp conditions.

The true knit golf shoes craft naturally comfortable golf equipment that transcends the golf courses. Using only the finest materials, our shoes protect you from the elements and help you enjoy the walk.

The TRUE Knit is back and better than ever. Knit II’s lightweight nature, all-day comfort, sock-fit feel and breathable nature make these your go-to sneakers for the warmer days on the links or simply everyday life.



Knit is a golf shoe unlike any other. You’ll lace these up for your next round and not want to take them off the rest of the day. It will not end up being your favorite golf shoe, it’ll be your favorite shoe as it moves easily from golf courses to everyday life.

The extremely lightweight and breathable construction ensures you’ll stay comfortable on your next golf round. The water-repellent treatment will keep your feet dryer on those wet mornings, as water will beat up on the outer shell of the shoe like magic.

This shoe is not waterproof, but the shell will not absorb water and the breeze will literally glide through the shoe keeping your feet dry and comfortable on even the warmest days. The upper piece is designed to stretch and flex where it has to, but be stable and strong where golfers need it most.

The combination of EVA midsole, premium and bouncy PU insert and cross-life gum rubber tread will have you feeling like you’re walking on the clouds. Trust us, these are the Knit.



  • Fully Breathable One-Piece Upper (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)
  • One Piece Upper Flexibly Adapts to Most Foot Shapes
  • Water and oil-repellent Upper
  • EVA Midsole for Lightweight Cushioning
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop

Favorite shoe ever made


  • The true knit golf shoes were my favorite shoes ever made.  Right before they ended the run on Knits I bought a couple extra pair because I liked them so much.  While I have a variety of shoes and even more golf shoes, I tend to wear Knits the most.
  • They are a perfect AZ shoe with their lightweight, breathability, and extreme comfort.  They are great on or off the course.  When TRUE said they were going to bring them back with the Knit ii, I was excited, to say the least, but curious about what kind of improvements could be made to my favorite shoes.  Well, TRUE did it again and made the Knit ii my favorite shoe.
  • The TRUE Knit golf shoes were just about perfect in my mind, but little did I know there was room for improvement. For me, the most noticeable upgrade is the lack of a tongue.  Instead of a traditional shoe like the Knits that have a tongue to open up the shoe, the Knit ii is a one-piece upper that just stretches in order to get your foot in.  This does take away any chance of the tongue getting off center and rubbing funny on the top of your foot.  It is an excellent upgrade.
  • The Wander Lux material isn’t drastically different than what they were using before, but it is certainly lighter and better.  That little extra cushion makes them even more comfortable on every step.  The footbed is a new open-cell material that also breathes a little better and adds to the soft cloud-like step.



  • TRUE knit Fully Breathable.
  • Full Sock Fit Flexible Opening for Slide-In Comfort
  • One-piece TRUE knit Upper flexibility conforms to Most Foot Shapes.
  • New Open Cell Footbed for Increased Breathability and Comfort on Warmer Days.
  • Water and Oil Repellent Upper.
  • NEW Wander Lux Midsole for Increased Comfort and Rebound.
  • Extremely Lightweight Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility.
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop.



Out-of-the-box comfort has always been a hallmark of the true knit golf shoes and the Knit most of all.  That’s still true of the All Day but the feeling has changed.  Where the other knits felt like stepping into a cloud, the golf Knit is firmer and has more structure.  To be clear, the golf Knit is still more comfortable and softer than virtually any shoe you can find, but longtime Knit fans should be prepared for something slightly different.

Finally, True Knit uses TRUE’s new All Day Sole.  This is a slightly thicker, more cushioned sole than the Knit 2 for increased comfort.  While I did find the insole noticeably thicker, it’s not so thick that it disconnects you from the ground.  I applaud TRUE for doing something new without losing one of their shoes’ key attributes.



The additional structure and stability in the TRUE knit All Day Knit is a welcome change when you get to the course.  I noticed this most in the heel and the laces.  On Knit 2, the laces were almost a decoration.  The true Knit, they have a bigger impact on the fit, which I appreciate.  Additionally, the heel of the true Knit is more structured and locked in thanks to the aforementioned micro suede overlay and the memory foam heel cup.

Design and Technology


The True knit golf shoes believe that they have created the perfect blend of performance and comfort for golfers to take their style on and off the golf course. Each shoe is designed to be worn in a variety of settings both indoors and out.

The True Knit shoes feature a lightweight, breathable design with an EVA-reinforced midsole. While the True Knits are not waterproof, they will help repel light rain and morning dew to help your feet remain cool and dry. The True Knits are the perfect shoe for the warm summer months.



Modern golf shoes have begun to merge into casual footwear attire. The true knit golf shoes believe that players can now enjoy their walk around the golf course and extend their footwear into their evening activities. We agree that the True Knit golf shoe is the most versatile golf shoe we have ever tested and it is among our favorites both on and off the course.

Players who prefer an athletic-style golf shoe will quickly fall in love with the lightweight profile and sneaker-like appearance of the True Knit shoes. Exceptional breathability mixed with water-repellant technology keeps your feet in a constant state of comfort and the True Knits will look great with all pants, shorts, and skirt outfits.

You may not be wearing them on the course 12 months out of the year, but if you’re looking for a pair of shoes to live in during the summer months, I’m not sure you could do much better than a pair of TRUE Knit.

Throw in the attention to detail and consideration for sustainable business practices. And the result is a shoe I have zero hesitations recommending.

The true knit golf shoes are a wonderful evolution of a fan favorite.  Additional structure and cushioning have been added to make it perform better on the course, but the essential elements are still here.  If you try a pair, the lightweight and unbeatable comfort will turn them into your go-everywhere shoes in no time.