Best ways How Long Do Clove Shoes Last


Do you stand all day or walk around a lot at your job?

If your answer is yes, then you definitely know the importance of having clove shoes.

Clove shoes are designed to provide comfort and support for healthcare professionals who spend long hours on their feet. They feature a unique design with a thick sole, arch support, and ample cushioning to help reduce foot fatigue and discomfort.

How long do clove shoes last? The authors recommend replacing your nursing shoes every 6 months due to structural breakdowns that can contribute to foot pain, even if the shoes look exactly the same as they did when you bought them.

3 Ways to Know It’s Time for an Upgrade Shoes.

How Long Do Clove Shoes Last Having a good quality pair of work shoes is very important, especially when you are on your feet for a good portion of the day. It is also important to know when to buy new shoes to keep your feet, knees, hips, and back in good health. Wondering how often to replace work shoes? Here are a few tips to help you know when to buy new shoes.

Length of Ownership.

How long do clove shoes last? Generally, shoes should be replaced every 8-12 months. Of course, it depends on the shoe and how often you wear it. If you’re someone who works long shifts on your feet, like nurses and healthcare workers, it is suggested to stick to that timeframe.

Current Condition.

Do your shoes still, look like they are in good condition and feel brand new? Or are the shoe soles peeling off and the laces fraying? It may be time to ask yourself “Do I need new shoes?” and the answer is YES. Once the actual construction of the shoe starts to fall apart, it is time for an upgrade.

Increased Foot Pain.

How Long Do Clove Shoes Last Maybe your shoes look fine to the naked eye, but every time you wear them your feet really hurt. This is a definite sign that an upgrade is needed. A good pair of shoes would provide comfort rather than cause foot pain. Unless you experience chronic foot pain with any pair of shoes, it is not normal for your feet to hurt in sneakers. If the pain continues, it is suggested to seek medical attention.

Why are Clove Shoes Better than Regular Shoes?

Clove shoes were designed with nurses and healthcare workers in mind. How Long Do Clove Shoes Last Those that stand for long hours of time need extreme comfort and support. With Ortholite insoles, Clove shoes provide immense support while wicking away odors. Compared to traditional sneakers, Clove shoes last much longer and have to be replaced less often. From the stitching to the fabric used to construct Clove shoes, they are truly a step ahead. We offer nursing school shoes as well as a variety of colors to choose from. Shop for a new pair and browse all of Clove’s shoes for men and shoes for women in core and limited edition colors today.


How Long Do Clove Shoes Last? Clove shoes are a type of footwear that is designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals who spend long hours on their feet. Here are some of the features of Clove shoes:

Clove shoes are designed to be comfortable, with cushioning in the insole and the midsole to support the feet and reduce fatigue.

  • Affordable price point.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fluid-resistant.
  • Highly durable, thanks to Japanese Clarion artificial leather.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Installation option available.

Where Can You Use Clove Shoes?

Clove sets itself up as a shoe meant for people who are on their feet a lot in the medical field. As such these shoes are best suited for people who are up and around a lot in their field of work.

I personally feel these work well for being up and around a lot, but I wouldn’t think they would go well for people looking for long-lasting footwear. Hospital work is what these are built for.

The places I feel these would be best for include:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Care centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Nonprofit organizations

Best For,

Clove shoes are best for healthcare workers who are on their feet all day and may constantly have to clean spills off their shoes. However, any workers on their feet all day, such as grocery store employees or other frontline workers, will benefit from the comfortable and easy cleaning of the shoes.

Range of Styles

Clove shoes come with a flat sole that’s so flat that you can put a glass on it and pour wine without dripping. But they don’t come in different ranges. The only difference you’ll find is their color and design.

How big is the Clove Network?

Despite the brand’s overwhelming popularity and zealous market response, Clove has a relatively small network.

For instance, the brand has 92.000+ followers on its Instagram account. Furthermore, their shoes are being sold on another site besides the official one — that’s proof of expanding its network.

Clove’s Customer Service

You can contact Clove’s customer support by submitting an online web form. Or if you’re looking for an instant answer, the live chat would be a good idea then. But, maybe it would be better if you visit their FAQs section and look for an answer there.


Clove shoes have rightly addressed the problems of healthcare workers. Consequently, they made these shoes to help the workers work for an extended period without getting tired and exhausted.

On top of it, these shoes offer affordable pricing and installment payments. It will be a great relief for those on a tight budget and joining the sector newly.

When considering the comfort of any shoe, it’s important to keep in mind that individual preferences and foot conditions can vary. It’s always advisable to try on the shoes and assess their comfort based on your specific needs and requirements.

In conclusion, Clove shoes are designed to offer a combination of comfort, functionality, style, and sustainability. They have become popular among healthcare professionals and individuals in other industries who value comfortable and reliable footwear.